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About Us

A-team Architecture & Design is a creative team of young Architects, Engineers and Designers working with enthusiasm and vision in the study and specialised design of buildings (residential and offices), professional office spaces and showrooms, as well as retail facilities, implementing Architecture as an expression of the art of better living.

Having studied Architecture [NTUA], Mathematics [UoA], interior/industrial and theatre design and after having developed their individual careers, George Stamatakis and Katerina Karanikou founded in 1996 A-team Architecture & Design.

We started out our joint endeavour by designing showrooms and retail spaces, moving on to office and professional spaces and then going on to design and construct office and housing buildings, interacting closely with each client. In 2002, A–team Architecture & Design S.A. was established, focusing on the specialised study, design and management of building construction projects, as well as interior design, constantly adding new partners to the company’s human resources and expanding our creativity and potential.

For A-team, each building project is a new field of research and reflection that goes beyond the strictly professional context and evolves into a collaborative engagement with the future owner, who is guided so as to become actively involved throughout the process of design and construction, thus effortlessly moving into a user-centric built environment. We personally engage with each work, closely supervising every phase of construction, which largely replaces the application study, thus fully realising the study objectives so that the end result reflects both the client’s and our own functional and aesthetic expectations.

The main design tools are, on the one hand, modeling, which helps both the designer and the client to approach the project, and, on the other, photorealistic images that integrate the project into its environment so as to validate the study, before it is finalised, with respect to the urban or suburban landscape. We are especially interested and experienced in design-related fields, including set design, photography, industrial design and furniture.